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21st Century Learning

Integration of Digital Media Skills into Instruction

Technology and 21st Century skills are essential for the success of OUSD students. Over the past several years, we have witnessed a metamorphosis in K-5 instruction. Through the generosity of Parent Clubs, each elementary school has received significant hardware and training in the form of laptops for teachers, new computers in classrooms and labs, mobile computer carts, SMART Boards, iPads, document cameras, and projectors.

With expanded bandwidth, every teacher will be able to access the Internet to enrich curriculum using computers and iPads. Textbooks are increasingly available in digital format and we anticipate over the next three years, students will access their textbooks digitally from home.

Home and school communication will be enhanced through customized websites. Collaboration among students will be the rule rather than the exception and students will be able to work electronically on shared projects from home seeing each others’ contributions to the project.

Orinda teachers facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity through digital age learning experiences. Digital citizenship and responsibility is at the core of learning activities using technology. Practicing project-based learning, students explore real-world issues and develop authentic solutions using technology. We will continue to encourage innovation, communication, and collaboration among students, teachers, administrators, and parents.

21st Century skills - The 4 C's 
4 Cs of education infographic
Rethinking Learning:

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