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  Mika Arbelbide (925) 258-6210 Chief Business Official
  Ardis Atkins (925) 258-6214 Account Clerk III/Accounts Receivable
  Mary Brakefield (925) 258-6212 Payroll and Benefits Specialist
  Tracy Gaines (925) 258-6211 Senior Account Clerk/Accounts Payable
  Pauline Honaryar (925) 258-6209 Accountant

Business Services


The Business Services division of the Orinda Union School District provides services that are integral in assuring that students receive a quality education. The department is responsible for the oversight of  the financial resources of the school district in the most cost efficient and effective manner possible for maximizing the available resources for the instructional programs of the District. 

The goal of the department is to provide accurate and timely fiscal information, engage all stakeholders in a collaborative budget development process, provide sites and programs with transparent and real-time budget monitoring tools,  strive to be at the cutting edge of technology with systems and processes, and safeguard the district's assets through risk management, budget control, and accountability.


Business office staff prepares several required fiscal reports throughout the year. Below is a general annual cycle of the fiscal reports:

  • June - Budget Adoption
  • August - Adopted Budget Revision
  • December - First Interim Budget
  • March - Second Interim Budget
  • June - Estimated Actuals
  • September - Unaudited Actuals
  • December - Audited Actuals

All fiscal reports are presented at a public Board of Trustees meeting. To access the Orinda USD public reports, please go to the fiscal reports page.