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Regina Webber

Regina Webber, CBO/Director of Business Services

  Ardis Atkins (925) 258-6214 Accounts Receivable
  Mary Brakefield (925) 258-6212 Payroll and Benefits Specialist
  Pauline Honaryar (925) 258-6209 Accountant
  Erica Kahila (925) 258-6211 Accounts Payable
  Regina Webber (925) 258-6210 CBO/Director of Business Services

Business Services

The Business Services division of the Orinda Union School District provides services that are integral in assuring that students receive a quality education. Specifically, we deliver the financial resources of the school district in the most cost efficient and effective manner possible for maximizing the available resources for the instructional programs of the District. 

Business Services is responsible for developing and preparing various federal, state and district-mandated financial reports. These include the first and second interim financial reports, year-end unaudited actual financial statements, annual financial reports, analysis in other various types of reports requested by the Board of Education, or management.

Additionally, the department oversees the investment of public funds, issuance of debt, cash management, accounts receivables, billings, revenue and Federal Impact Aid survey cards, and all related forecasts. The department coordinates and acts as liaison to the district's independent public auditors during the annual external financial audit, and it is the primary point of contact for financial information and support during various other funding agency or regulatory audits.