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Parcel Tax

Parcel Tax Exemption for Low-Income Senior Citizen

The Orinda Union School District parcel taxes provide exemption for a low–income senior.

Exemption Eligibility (2018-19): age 65 or older; and single to four member household income of less than $58,100 (income level changes annually).

Exemption applications must be filed annually by June 30, 2018.

Instructions and applications can be accessed below, or if it is preferred please call 925-258-6214 or send an email to be placed on the mailing list.

18-19 First Year Application Instructions
18-19 First Year Application

Once approved, renewal applications are mailed by the Business Services Department after April 15th of each fiscal year.

Parcel Tax Independent Citizens' Oversight Committee

As an additional accountability measure, the Board of Trustees will appoint or designate an independent oversight advisory committee of citizens to ensure that the special tax proceeds are spent for their authorized purposes, and to report annually to the Board of Trustees and the public regarding the expenditure of such funds. 

Parcel Tax Oversight Committee Bylaws Adopted 05-09-16
Parcel Tax Resolution 03-07 Measure A ($385.00)
Parcel Tax Resolution 09-06 Measure B ($124.00)

Annual Reports to the Board

Parcel Tax Committee Report 2015-16
Parcel Tax Committee Report 2014-15
Parcel Tax Committee Report 2013-14

Parcel Tax Committee Report 2012-13
Parcel Tax Committee Report 2011-12
Parcel Tax Committee Report 2010-11