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OUSD Office Hours

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Closed Holidays

District Office Staff Contacts

Contact Ardis Atkins  Ardis Atkins (925) 258-6214 Accounts Receivable
Contact Bobby Bardenhagen  Bobby Bardenhagen (925) 258-6205 Director of Technology
Contact Mary Brakefield  Mary Brakefield (925) 258-6212 Payroll and Benefits Specialist
Contact Vivienne Hing  Vivienne Hing (925) 258-6214 Accounts Payable
Contact Pauline Honaryar  Pauline Honaryar (925) 258-6211 Accountant
Contact Lona Hornbuckle  Lona Hornbuckle (925) 258-6216 Administrative Secretary - Student Services/Personnel
Contact Stuart House  Stuart House (925) 258-6203 Director of Facilities
Contact Dr. Brian Inglesby  Dr. Brian Inglesby (925) 258-6306 Director of Human Resources
Contact Debbie Jamieson  Debbie Jamieson (925) 258-6201 Executive Assistant
Contact Glory Lane  Glory Lane (925) 258-6219 District Nurse
Contact Dr. Carrie Nerheim  Dr. Carrie Nerheim (925) 258-6218 Director of Student Services
Contact James Pham  James Pham (925) 258-6210 Director of Business Services
Contact Patty Rostampour  Patty Rostampour (925) 258-6204 Administrative Secretary - Curriculum & Instruction
Contact David Schrag  David Schrag (925) 258-6206 Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Title IX Coordinator
Contact Kathy Schwarz  Kathy Schwarz (925) 258-6200 Administrative Secretary - Facilities/Technology
Contact Dr. Carolyn Seaton  Dr. Carolyn Seaton (925) 258-6201 Superintendent
Contact Jennifer Valencia  Jennifer Valencia (925) 258-6207 Human Resources Analyst