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carrie nerheim

Dr. Carrie Nerheim                Director of Student Services

  Michelle Brobak (925) 258-6216 Administrative Secretary - Student Services
  Dr. Carrie Nerheim (925) 258-6218 Director of Student Services

Fax:  (925) 258-9836

Special Education

Orinda Union School District provides special education services to eligible students in Kindergarten through 8th grade, as well as preschool children ages three to five years old. Approximately ten percent of the total student population receives special education services.

Each of the four elementary schools and the intermediate school have a resource specialist program. Related services include speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, and psychological services. The Special Day Class (SDC) located at Wagner Ranch School meets the needs of students in primary grades from schools throughout the district. An itinerant inclusion specialist supports students at the elementary schools. The OIS inclusion program includes two periods of community-based instruction/skill development.

Students whose needs cannot be met within the district receive special education service through Contra Costa County Office of Education.

Preschool students requiring special education are served in regional programs operated among the Moraga, Orinda and Walnut Creek School districts.

Individuals with disabilities education act (idea)

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), is the federal law that mandates special education for children with disabilities. Eligible students are children with one or more of 13 disabilities listed in the law and who, because of the disability, need special education as determined by evaluation. For more information, click on the documents below.

IDEA Information
Parent Rights