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Demographic Study

At the Board of Trustees meeting held on December 11, 2017, the Orinda Union School District Board approved a contract with Davis Demographics & Planning, Inc. (DDP) to provide seven-year residence enrollment forecasts and two-year enrollment forecasts by school. These forecasts involve student projections and analysis of demographic data relevant to the District’s facility planning efforts. The scope of contracted work included: mapping the District, address matching the current student file, developing and researching pertinent demographic data, identifying future residential development plans and developing a seven year student population projection. DDP will also assist the District in developing solutions for housing future student population.

Additionally, this study was prepared to assist the District’s efforts in evaluating future site requirements and possible attendance area changes in conjunction with its ongoing Facility Master Plan Committee.

It is important to remember that the report is a snapshot of current and potential student population based upon data gathered in Fall 2017. Population demographics change, development plans change, funding opportunities can change, District priorities can change, and therefore, new projections and adjustments to the overall Master Plan will continue to be necessary in the future.
Fall 2017 Demographic Study Report