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Curriculum and Instruction

The Orinda Union School District understands the vital importance of Curriculum and Instruction in the success of it’s students and staff. Orinda schools offer comprehensive education for Orinda students in all core subject areas of English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and History / Social Studies. Orinda schools also provide Physical Education for all students with instruction by PE specialists. With the generous support of Orinda Network for Education (ONE), Orinda schools provide rich and engaging elective programs, including visual arts, choral and instrumental music, computer science, and language arts. The Curriculum and Instruction department works directly with teachers, principals and staff to build and deepen a culture of  professional growth and excellence.  

Orinda schools are guided by our strategic plan and are focused on developing students who are empathetic and engaged global citizens. We utilize California State and professional curriculum standards to direct our work, starting with the Common Core State standards. These standards and the Curriculum frameworks provide a clear, coherent and rigorous road map that prepare students for continued education, college and beyond. We are proud of our focus on growth, continual improvement, and cultivating an environment where all students can learn and achieve at high levels.   


  Gatee Esmat (925) 258-6206 Director of Curriculum & Instruction